Things I Am Sick Of Saying Vol. 3

This week’s episode of Things I Am Sick of Saying is brought to you by the letter F for Flood, the letter W for Water, and the number 10, as in 10 inches of rainfall in three hours.

1. “Well, the last time…”  It was just twenty-two months ago that Mother Nature dropped six inches of rain in two hours on our little town.  It was as if she was as if she was trying to wipe us off the face of the earth.  She didn’t exceed.  We came together, we rebuilt, and our town and community felt stronger than ever. Then on Sunday, MN went rogue again.  I have answered texts, emails, interview questions, and all the while I keep saying, “Well, the last time…” because this is just what I want to be an expert at.

2. “Yes, we will rebuild.” It may seem unfair to include this, but we are rebuilding.  Chef and I knew on Sunday that we would always fight for our business, our town, our staff, our long-time guests, and our family’s legacy.  We don’t want anyone in the peripheral to be doubting our strength and our determination. We are rebuilding.

3. “Yes, our basement flooded.”  It’s an understatement.  We have family and friends across two towns with flooded basements, and we know it just plain sucks. There is nothing worse.  It’s just a mess, and there is little peace of mind until it’s cleaned up and the basement is reusable.  One person’s four inches of water equally rivals another person’s seventy inches.  The damage is severe, but nothing we can’t come back from.

This is hell of journey, friends. One that I will be taking you along on until long after we reopen.  This is just the beginning.

Until Volume 3.


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  1. Perfectly stated, of course. You’re Angie, What else would I expect.
    love, Charlie

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