Classic Brandy Cocktails

I have had fun focusing on some of my favorite comfort foods, and I know it’s not lost on anyone that three soup recipes this month (here, here, and here) called for brandy as an ingredient. You made the soups, now what to do you do with the rest of the brandy? These are two oldies, but goodies!


Brandy Alexander

So good by the fire, after a long week!



1 oz brandy
1 oz creme de cacao
1 oz heavy cream


Chill your martini glass. (Or don’t, I am not at your house.) 

In a cocktail shaker or pint glass filled with ice, combine the brandy, creme de cacao, and heavy cream. Shake. Like you mean it. Like it was a long ass week, and you need this thing. (If you use a pint glass, cover with a solo cup and have at it.) Pour into the chilled martini glass, or solo cup, sprinkle a bit o’ nutmeg on top, and climb onto the sofa, with a blanket, and the remote. Sip slowly. 

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Raspberry Sidecar

My father-in-law has been making this for years, he perfected it in NYC before relocating to Maryland. I learned this from him, like most of the great cocktails I know.



1/2 oz fresh lime juice – yes, just straight up squeeze a lime, do not use sour mix (or do, again not in your kitchen, but it’s not good. Yes, I said it.)
1/2 oz triple sec
1 oz creme de framboise
1 oz brandy

In a pint glass filled with ice, combine all the ingredients. My father-in-law would say shake because of the lime juice, I would agree, but you can stir this too, especially if you don’t have a cocktail shaker. Pour into a rocks glass. Done and done. Find the book you’ve been meaning to get to, tell the kids to run around the house, and sip and read a page or two. 

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If it’s just been a really long week because you started a difficult book, followed up by an even more difficult puzzle, and you feel the like the progress just isn’t there this week, do yourself a favor. Get a rocks glass, put some ice in it and pour the brandy over it. Go lay in bed, quietly, and order pizza for dinner.