Garden Markers

Back in the garden for a minute. Years ago, when I was a Pinterest junky, I saw these beach rocks painted to look like a caterpillar in the garden. I thought, what a fun project for L&L and me to work on.  The bag of beach rocks sat in our garage for more than two years. That’s really saying something.  LT likes to draw, L2 likes to fold paper airplanes, rock painting just didn’t happen.  A few weeks back, Chef was cleaning out the garage and he unearthed the bag of pebbles, so between rain storms, I got them out and painted them for the vegetable garden.

Fun, right?

To start, I sorted thru the bag to pick out the largest pebbles.

Using, Patio Paint Outdoor, I painted the rocks.  The directions say that you may need to use two coats. I did because my first layer was kind of thin.  The first layer on the first pebble was dry, by the time I painted the last pebble, so it dries pretty fast.

I didn’t want to have to clean up a big mess, so I squirted the paint right on the pebble and used a sponge brush for each color to spread the paint.

Once they were all dry, I used Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pens to decorate them.  In this case, writing the names of all the veggies and herbs, and L&L.

There really is something to be said for sitting in the sun for an hour and having some creative fun.

I took them out to their habitats.

That is some choco-mint, and you better believe that’s going in some ice cream custard later this summer.

These chives have grown so much since I snapped this two weeks ago, before you know it they will be in my herbed scrambled eggs every morning this summer.

I was so busy making a marker for the blog, I forgot about a marker for the parsley.  Whoops.

Just a little addition of color in the garden.  Thus far, the paint and pens have stood up to all the rain we have had lately.

Supplies for this project:
1 bag of Caribbean beach pebbles (Home Depot, Lowes, Ace)
Patio Paint Outdoor in your favorite colors (Michael’s)
Paint brushes or paint sponges (craft store, or your kids’ art supply cart)
Sharpie Paint Pens (craft store)
Get creative and have fun

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