Bringing Back the Joy

Here we are.  The last day of school.  It’s a bittersweet moment in time.  A month ago, we were limping to the end of the school year.  I thought we weren’t going to make it.  School was becoming my nemesis, as was the homework I no longer gave a shit about, or cared to expend the energy to get L2 motivated to finish.  It seemed very normal-ish for the last four weeks of school.  My all time favorite post about the end of year was written by Jen Hatmaker and it’s brilliant.  Fourteen days ago I was reading it, and laughing, and just knowing it would all be over soon enough. That was then.

Thirteen days ago, Chef and I watched images in horror of the flooding of Old Ellicott City.  We sat in shock as we fielded calls from staff, friends, and family.  We had made it 666 days since 1.0, only to watch 2.0 unfold before our very eyes.  The storm that brought 2.0 was much worse and it’s reach much larger as our sister neighbor, and my childhood town, Catonsville was also flooded.  It was worse in that we got more rain in less time.  It was worse because all the fears we had of flooding again became a reality.  It was worse, because everything we had learned in 1.0 was so fresh in our memory banks,  we could reach out and touch them as soon as we got the first, “there is water in the basement” call.  It was worse because Chef and I weren’t even in the building to be able to comfort our staff.

Well, I just went right down the slippery slope.  It happens in writing (and life).  Needless to say, yes, it’s bittersweet.  Of course, some is attributed to LT moving to 4th and double digits and it’s too hard to believe that time has marched so quickly. L2 is moving on to 2nd, and our baby isn’t a baby anymore. But it’s also the confusion we are all feeling inside, and while I know I am managing our normal much better for 2.0, I am still angry that it takes my joy.  There is something to be said for my boys making silly poses for instastory countdowns, and attending Field Day, the end of school year party, and of course finally hooking up with our swim team, and all our friends that we have affectionately dubbed our summer family. All this has happened, I just wasn’t there to enjoy it.  Flood 1.0 and Flood 2.0 above all, takes the joy.

Today, I am bringing the joy back!  I don’t care if I have to run down the street and grab that bitch by the hair, and drag her kicking and screaming, I am going to get the joy back. I am starting right now!

I give you a twist on Things I Am Sick of Saying, and give you Things I Won’t Be Saying All Summer Long!

1. “Put on your shoes!” Oh, you can’t find them? They don’t fit because you have grown three feet in two days? There are no socks clean? Guess, what? I don’t care.  It’s barefoot season, Baby!

2. “Is your backpack packed?”  There is no more homework, no more papers, no more projects.  Only bag I care about being packed is the pool bag.

3. “Put your uniform on!”  It’s summer. Ninety-eight percent of the time, the uni is a swim suit and sunscreen.  After July 4th, it’s just a swimsuit because by then we all have a base and Momma don’t got time for that.

4. “It’s a school night.”  I mean, LT has gone to school the last month with bags under his eyes as he has been up late watching the Stanley Cup three nights a week.  Curfew is lifted and the alarm is going off! Except swim meet Saturdays.

Bringing Back the Joy, coming at you all summer long.

xo – AT

PS – Dear CAPS, Thank you for bringing the joy at 11:10 est last night, and then this morning at 6:15 est, when the convo went like….

The boys were arguing at my bedside table while I slept soundly, and when I came to, “Uh, no you aren’t having the iPad.”  And they started to walk away, I said, “Wait, Landon, guess what happened last night?”


“LT. You tell him.”

LT,  “The CAPS WON!”

L2, “They won the Cup?”

LT, “They won the Cup!”

And all was right with the world.

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