The Dawg Days of Summer

It’s HOT! The Maryland summer high heat has come in full force this week. Heat index of 108 degrees coming up. Seemed like a perfect time to share this fun photog and food project I worked with my cousins on last week.

Is there nothing simpler then a good old hot dog bar? Technically yes, but this sure was fun and featured some of my favorite ways to eat a hot dog.

#5. The Chicago Dawg
Dog topped with tomato wedges, dill pickle, sport peppers, sweet dill relish, onion, mustard, celery salt on a poppy seed bun. I had to make some changes because I live in Maryland. You can’t just get poppy seed hot dog buns, and I forgot the sport peppers, so I subbed jalapeños which is an acceptable substitution.

#4. The Ballpark Dawg
Dog topped with mustard, ketchup, relish. I love sitting at Camden Yards with a dog and beer and my kiddos cheering and covered in cotton candy. We haven’t been this season, but there is still time.

#3. Chili Cheese Dawg
Dog topped with chili, shredded cheddar, and onion. This is my favorite on the first night of any campout. Pitch a tent, get the fire going, heat up dawgs and chili, shoot the Fireball.

#2. Deli Dawg
Dog wrapped in bologna, topped with chopped onion, and spicy brown mustard. There is nothing better then rolling into Attman’s Deli at 9am and grabbing some corned beef and deli dog for breakfast.

#1. LA Dirty Dawg
Dog wrapped in bacon, on a toasted bun with mayo, topped with peppers and onions and hot sauce. Mad props to Roy Choi for introducing me to this amazing dog.

Can’t have dawgs without proper sides and drink. So add in your favorite UTZ, cracker jacks, root beer and beer.

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