Feelin’ It Friday IV

Our family took a short break last week from work to celebrate the Fourth. We stayed home because you don’t travel when the town you grew up in has the best Fourth celebration of all time. The nice thing about closing for three days and staying home is – staying home. No rushing around. Just a few mornings of relaxing together.

I am feelin’ simple brunch dates! Chef is never home for breakfast. So it was nice to brew some coffee and put together a quick spread of a few of his favorite things – smoked salmon, salami, and cheeses. I grabbed my favorite – Prosecco, and we just sat outside together and enjoyed each other’s company. We don’t get enough of these moments, so when we do, I grab onto them.

I’m feelin’ cool. Literally.

Last week I posted my first instavideo. It’s a work in progress. I mentioned in the video that our HVAC unit went up. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Minus my stove and dryer, I have replaced every-everything in my life in the last three years – a lot of it twice because of the floods. So when our dear friend Dave dropped the replacement bomb, I laughed until I cried. He helped not with just our restaurant flood rebuild, but others too, so it’s no secret what an “adventure” we have been on. Needless to say while we waited for install, we had one lovely week of summer weather that went straight into the hellacious hot and humid weather these Central MD parts are known for. I. Was. Not. Happy. But now, all is well, and we are nice and cool. And come this winter we will be nice and warm.

I am feelin’ couples date nite! When I realized the restaurant closure would include a Friday night *gasp* I knew I had to make the most of it, and hang with the peeps we love who don’t work all weekend long. I always laugh more, sometimes drink more, get the chance to try more food, and just have fun! I get see Chef thru others eyes, and I’m reminded that Mom isn’t my only name or calling. It’s a reprieve from this thing called life, and it’s always the best!

I hope you and your lover are hitting the town this weekend – whether alone or with some of your couple BFFs!

Happy Friday, Peeps!

xo, AT

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