A Lesson in Grief

This originally was written as a facebook post on August third.  The events leading up to this post were painful, and the cuts and bruises remain fresh today.  Each day is a step forward.   I don’t really know where to begin. In my heart is grief, fear, frustration and darkness. I could curl up […]

Pulled Pork

I gotta give it you guys.  You have been patient, and I appreciate it, and now your taste buds will appreciate it even more.  Last week, while I was working on the summer freezer prep, in the background, my slow cooker, was just doing its thing.  As soon as I got home, before I even […]

Oven Baked Bacon

After all the freezer prep yesterday, I had very little inclination to prepare dinner.  I had already been thinking about BLTs to use up some tomatoes we had.  This is my easy method of cooking bacon. You may remember this from the epic chicken tender fail: This is just a half sheet baking pan covered […]