Summer Recap

I spent all morning cleaning and organizing our house as L&L prepare for their first day of school tomorrow.  While I was in the kitchen, I was taking down summer info from our fridge to make room for fall and school info that will be coming home.  I reached for the Summer To Do list we made back in June.  For the most part, we didn’t do to bad.  Here is a quick recap.


– We got the movies a lot, but we didn’t see Pete’s Dragon.  (Don’t tell my kids they missed it.)  I had wanted to go, but was told by two separate people that it was sad and made them cry.  We’ve had enough tears up in here.

– Not only did we go to Rollingwood regularly, we had the pleasure of reconnecting with old friends, meeting new friends, and L&L joined the swim team.  They learned the value of being on a team, plus swim strokes, the diving block, what it meant to be DQ’d, and that one little ribbon can go a long way.  There was a lot of confidence building this summer.

LT-seal-tersiguels   L2-seal-tersiguels

– We played badminton several times, and Michel was able to join us.  The fact that we all went somewhere together on a weekend is pretty much unheard of in these parts.

– We had balloon battles, SWSC pool days, ate snowballs and s’mores, we hosted our first cousin sleepover, and played outside a lot.

l&g-sleepover-tersiguels l&j-sleepover-tersiguels

– We had a surprise trip to Dewey with some of our favorite peeps.  We hit up the Starboard, and ate pizza on the beach.  L&L learned to boogie board, and swim in the ocean mostly independently.

L2-boogie-board-tersiguels LT-booie-board-tersiguels
– We flew on a jet plane, and a putter hopper, and went to Belize.  Our vacation was shortened less because of the flood, and much more because Landon needed the time to heal.


– We went to an Orioles game and a Ravens preseason game.


– We went to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, instead of the National Zoo, and it was incredible.


– We did not get to bowling, mini golfing, or horse back riding.  The last month of summer certainly didn’t go as planned, but even if it had, I am not sure we woulda done those things.


I asked the boys what their favorite thing was this summer:

LT – The Zoo
Landon – Belize

And their least favorite:

LT is missing the french fries at Tersiguel’s
Landon knows all about blood draws.

I am not ready for school to go back tomorrow.  I feel like we all got gypped these last few weeks.  Our lives have been chaos and we brought that chaos home with us, but I look back and think, all in all we had a great summer.

Onto Fall!
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  1. Jacqueline R Berry, MD says:

    Just stopping by. thinking about you and the family and waiting … as you are for things to function again. I’ll be there on the first night you open, with bells on!

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