A Lesson in Grief

This originally was written as a facebook post on August third.  The events leading up to this post were painful, and the cuts and bruises remain fresh today.  Each day is a step forward.


I don’t really know where to begin. In my heart is grief, fear, frustration and darkness. I could curl up in the darkness forever. It would be easier. There would be no angst, no fight, no loss. The problem with that, I don’t really like the darkness. And even more, every time I turn around someone is shedding light in there. My heart while heavy, is equally overjoyed and overwhelmed with love.

Love for my neighbors whose lives will never be the same. Love for the extended Tersiguel family, including our staff that we let go of this week, and yet they keep sending the love back. Love for our community. We could so easily quit, and yet, we are fighting for and with each other. Love for my family, who in my darkest hour said, “We will help carry this burden.” Love for friends that continue to check in, and send thoughts and prayers, and want to help in anyway they can. Love for our Trinity School & Church community. Love for the Rollingwood Seals. Love for friends that build a go fund me because in my own despair I didn’t know where to begin. Love for so many selfless acts that go beyond the call of duty.

If you put the events of this week in a movie, it would be called Unbelievable. And yet, it’s not. This is life. This is the real deal. This is when we put up and show up even surrounded by darkness.

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  1. ????? Second time is even better.

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