Thanksgiving for Breakfast

It’s the day after the big day. The turkey eaten, the thanks given, the Manhattans gone, and fridge has some great leftovers. Everything you eat for Thanksgiving can be eaten for breakfast.

Pie with whipped cream and coffee. I love it, the kids love it, and there are no complaints.
Pop pop’s stuffing, reheated with splash of chicken stock and topped with an egg over easy. This is the ultimate – if you really want to go next level, throw a burger in there.
Brussels, reheated, on toast and topped with a poached egg.
Any vegetable, reheated, with side of scrambled eggs.

No turkey – oh, I know. That’s because I have to save something to eat for dinner. Turkey with mash, and more pie to follow.

I hope you and your family are filled with an abundance of blessings. Happy Thanksgiving! Love, AT