Feelin’ It Friday

People. People. It is May. It is a whirlwind. It will not stop raining. My kids have 15 days of school left, the end, while in sight, cannot come fast enough! I know you are feeling this. Please, let’s raise our Friday morning coffee, mimosa, Bloody Mary, smoothie, protein shake, or water and cheers to this!

Couple of things I am feelin’ this week:

This is two fold, bear with me.

First, LT has been going to speech language therapy for ten and half months. It was just this time last year his third grade teacher indicated to me that she thought it would really benefit him. (Side note, that’s when I thought a wrench was really being throw into our summer break – Mother Nature had other plans.) Needless to say, he was evaluated by a fantastic team in Annapolis and we have been spending lots of time on 97 together, and I have just been watching him grow, and it’s been for the most part awesome and exhausting. This past Wednesday he was officially released and achieved all of his goals! Is it not the best thing when you see your child achieve something they have been working towards?

Which leads me to this other really cool accomplishment this week. L2 decided on Tuesday afternoon he would master the two wheeler, alone. I mean, to be fair, I knew he could, and the time was right and he just went for it. As I was standing in the kitchen I heard, “Mom, can see me?” And sure enough he was riding his bike.

Do you have sibling? Because this next bit, you will totally get. L2 tells LT that while he was gone for the afternoon he got on his bike and road it. And like all good siblings, LT’s response was, “Mom is he telling the truth?” A little healthy competition, and LT decided he too could ride a bike. Praise be to God, he did. And now, it’s all bikes, and rides around the neighborhood, and basically my childhood dreams coming true for them.

It was a really awesome week of accomplishment.

Mrs J and every second grade teacher under the sun
Have you noticed a pattern in your house that goes something like this? Really amazing thing is about to happen – like going to see End Game, but your child has to whine incessantly for three days leading up to it? Or, in this case, just before your youngest taught himself to ride a bike, he had a really terrible Monday, and you had to meet with his teacher on Tuesday morning? Yup, that happened.

Needless to say, I am tapped out. School lunches, spelling homework, uniforms, laundry, field trips, band concerts, and the last of the forms. Well, I only have two kids. Holy Teachers Batman! Listen, if I am hanging on by a thread, what are they holding on by? I don’t even want to guess.

Our family is getting ready to close the second grade chapter. Our boys had two amazing years with Mrs J, and I love and admire her because age 8 bites, and she is showing up every day, loving these kids, with a huge smile on her face. I am just trying to get to carpool on time. Thank you Mrs. J for everything.

Dear Boy by Paris and Jason Rosenthal
This coincides with everything that happened this week. L2 was very much feeling sorry for himself on Monday, and busted out with “I am a horrible person.” Ain’t nobody got time for that. It devolved, quickly. With out going into a ton of detail, I met with Mrs. J, who later shared with me, that I needed to get Dear Boy for both the boys. (There is a Dear Girl too.) This book is spot on. The message is beautiful and clear – you are special, you are loved, you are valued, it’s okay to be your own person, and it’s okay to cry.

Have a great weekend friends –


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