A Place of Peace

For those playing along, you may remember we had a massive leak in our roof this past fall. It was a great way to wrap the year of water. New restaurant, new basement, and new roof. That was in many ways the straw that broke the camel’s back. I needed more peace, and less stress, angst, anger and anxiety. I found the perfect place right off the back of our house.

When we purchased our home almost ten years ago, there was an old green house and sunroom attached to the back, side by side. Neither space was particularly functional for our family, and they both were mostly neglected, until early this spring. One screened patio coming up, and place of peace for our family.

You can see the old roof was being ripped off, and that was the green house and the small part on the right was the sunroom.
New roof, the hardware for the door is going in, and that was the last piece to the screen puzzle.

Admittedly, I had a freak out moment in the midst of the renovation that maybe I had convinced Chef of the wrong plan and this wouldn’t work out, but then when I saw it coming to life, I knew it was meant to be. (Minus our flooded basement this past summer, we had not done a major renovation to our home, so take it from a newbie there are moments of freakout. I encourage you to work thru them because the outcome as you had originally set out is worth it.)

Finished! And decorated. I have spent weeks moving the furniture around, but this layout is working best.

Lots of meals at this table already, three books read out here, countless cups of coffee consumed, late nights listening to music or sitting in silence, and even some writing. It’s a great space and one our family needed and deserved.

My foot needs a pedi, my converse bird feeder has a final resting place, and this is where I sat listening to the boys running around our yard all afternoon. I just listened. When was the last time any of us could say that?

Serenity now. You may have a home you want to change or a space not up to snuff. Or you may have both. I encourage you to find a place that brings you peace. It could be your home, your garden, your favorite coffee shop, the shower, your car. Find it and go there, often. In a life filled with chaos, we all need moments of peace.


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  1. Love love love this! Well deserved! It’s beautiful! ❤️

  2. Very nice! I’ve had two such screened porches in prior homes and they really are a sanctuary place . Love them on rainy days. Enjoy!

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