Thanksgiving Table

While I don’t host Thanksgiving, I do enjoy setting a lovely table for special occasions, and so I give you this elegant table scape. I hope you are inspired for Monday night dinner, book club, Friendsgiving, or Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

For those playing along, you may remember seeing this pics on instagram earlier this fall of my kids painting pumpkins.

I used art minds chalk paint, and this is a mix of dollar store, walmart, target and michael’s artificial pumpkins. I have been collecting them for the past few years.

This was fun to do with the boys because they didn’t have to be perfect – that was really the point. I have them stashed all over our house. The idea of painting them makes them more functional to me because I can change them many times over, and mix and match with my decor style.

I knew I wanted to create a table scape eventually, so I needed some greenery to help support me in my efforts. I started out with a jute runner, cut to size, and used silver dollar eucalyptus, and an olive leaf and berry garland. When I buy garland, I always toss it on the ground in the store to see how it works together, and if it’s long enough.

Let’s talk deets for a second. I incorporated both votives and candlesticks. The brass candlesticks are as classic and timeless as they get, and I think everyone of my aunts and Mom have a set, and I grew up with something very similar on the dining room table. I used navy blue candles.

I just tucked the different pumpkins in through out. And added two metal pumpkins as well.

The table setting itself includes copper wine glasses, champagne color chargers, navy napkins and a white dinner plate. The chargers are definitely not an everyday occurrence here, but the rest you can find right in the kitchen, or in this case, the dining room.

Even Tick Tock approves.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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  1. Bonnie O'Kane says:

    Just beautiful!??

  2. Just gorgeous

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