Tailgating Subs, My Way

It’s here! Ravens’ first preseason game. Let football, and tailgating begin. I love how the season kinda sneaks up, and then the next thing you know it’s Fireball and Bud Light, and food and fun, and family and friends, and if the gods are with us a few touchdowns in there.

“I love the Ravens, and I really wish the rain would stop.” – All People in Maryland, Circa 2018

I love this sammy because it’s easy, feeds a crowd, and if you aren’t a fan or don’t watch football, or don’t tailgate, you can make this before you attend the opera, or symphony, or art museum, or watch the Oscars, or just for a dinner on a Monday night.

Please note, like so many recipes here at ACW, this is inspiration for you. Do what you will, “Run like the wind Bullseye,” create your own, or follow along. I prefer to use ciabatta loaves because this thing gets stuffed, and if you are tailgating with these, they can be assembled the night before, be wrapped tightly in the fridge and the bread stands up to all the goodness.

I am a big fan of using veg as condiments. As you can see I have some mixed marinated olives, and chopped roasted red peppers. Combine and they go on the bottom.

I top the veg with some sliced mozzarella, adding in cracked pepper and a pinch of salt. It’s all about the flavors. Then it’s a slippery slope of deli meats. My policy is the more the better. I am not stingy, and I try to include my favorites, Chef’s favorites, and anyone we are tailgating with, so that could be a thousand favorites. Just kidding, kinda.

Mortadella rules the sandwich roost in our house.

I top with more cheese – provolone, hots and some mayo. Side of Bud Light and UTZ, and you are game day ready.

Look at all the layers. MMMMmmmm.

Tailgating Subs
Make 16 slices
Two loaves of ciabatta bread – feel free to sub baguette, Italian, focaccia, what ever you like best
A Selection of: (You need 4 – 5 pounds total, divided)
Imported Ham

Fresh Mozzarella

Marinated Olives
Roasted Red Peppers

Sandwich Hots
Salt and Pepper

To prepare, cut the bread in half length-wise, you may trim the tops if you notice it’s too much bread filling. I recommend that for assembly, and you can freeze the trimmings to make croutons later.

From the bottom up, layer the olives and peppers, top with mozzarella, and salt and pepper. Dividing the deli meat evenly, layer it up. My sandwich above includes salami, capicola, imported ham, mortadella, and just a few pieces of prosciutto that I ripped a part with my hands. Top it all with provolone. On the bread tops, add mayo and hots.

This can be served immediately, or made a head of time. If you are making ahead, wrap the sandwiches in plastic wrap and then foil and keep in the fridge over night. No need to unwrap before getting to your tailgate, so don’t forget your cutting board and knife.

We are so ready for a winning season! Caw! Caw!

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