Pumpkin Smoothie

October 1st friends, and pumpkin season has arrived!  My L2 loves a pumpkin smoothie for breakfast anytime of the year, but I only make them in the fall, and this week, he can have them everyday if he wants.  These also make a great afternoon snack, dessert, and when protein powder is added can be a meal unto themselves.

One thing I do use to make my life easier is a silicone ice tray.  This one I picked up at Walmart, they hold about 3 oz each. One batch fits into this tray.

In a large bowl, you are going to mix a can of pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla, and maple syrup.

Once combined, divide into the tray.

Freeze for several hours. I store these in a plastic container with a lid in the freezer.

Once frozen, it’s smoothie time.

In a blender start with milk – cows, goat, almond, rice, soy. – whatever you like.  And add one frozen pumpkin cube.

Blend away.


Pumpkin Smoothie
Makes 6 smoothies

1 15oz can pumpkin puree
2 t pumpkin pie spice
1 t vanilla extract
1/2 c maple syrup

Combine ingredients.  Divide into 6 equal portions and freeze for several hours.

In a blender add 1 cup of your choice of milk, 1 pumpkin cube, and blend. 

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