No Rules, Just Nachos

Please raise your hand if you like #tacotuesday.

Oh, good, I see the majority of you do.

We love #tacotuesday in our house – for several reasons. The first, well, tacos or nachos, need I say more. Second, it really easy, and lastly, it’s consistent, the boys and I can count on it every Tuesday.

This is not a recipe. I repeat, not a recipe. This is a nacho building instruction manual. Feel free to use it, feel free to break the mold and build your own double decker sofa.


No Rules, Just Nachos

Nacho inspiration to be found here.


The basics:
Protein: grilled chicken, steak, sausage, pulled pork, ground beef, shrimp, fish, beans
Chips: I am big fan of the tortilla scoops because you can pack them with ingredients
Cheese: The sky is pretty much the limit here. If you plan, great get the cotija, or even the pre shredded mexican blend, and if you don’t plan, and you have half a bag of shredded mozzarella, and half a bag of cheddar, mix them together and go with it. 

Pico de Gallo – homemade, store bought, whatever you like or have
Salsa – if you make this from scratch, you are my hero, and if you buy one of the 100 varieties available, you are also my hero
Guacamole or Avocado
Red Onion
Peppers – all of them – green, red, yellow, orange, jalapeño, serrano, habanero, ghost
Pickled peppers
Grilled Corn, Frozen Corn, Canned Corn
Green Onion
Sour Cream
Lettuce, rough chopped tossed with some EVOO, and cumin, and chili powder

Aluminum foil


Preheat the oven to 350°. 

Using aluminum foil, make a simple boat, and line them on a baking sheet. I tear a piece twice the size I need, fold it in half, and fold the sides up, rolling the two ends to keep it all secure. 

Fill each boat with chips, topped with cheese, topped with protein, topped with cheese. Into the oven for 10-12 minutes – the cheese should be melted and start to crisp around the edges. 

Put each boat on a plate, and tell your family you have done the hard work, and they shall garnish their nachos as they see fit. 


Throw away the foil, and notice there is very little clean up. 


Some weeks I buy salsa and guac pre-made. Some weeks I make it. 

This is great recipe for using leftover protein. 

If you are like me, and are always looking for an easy way to get vegetables in, stir fry them up with the protein. 

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  1. Nellie Arrington says:

    Making this over the weekend!

    1. a chef's wife says:

      Enjoy it!

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