Feelin’ It Friday V

We are really in the thick of summer. I was just looking at our wish list, and thinking what have been up to? Lots of pool time, so in the next few weeks some adventures on the horizon. This week we was full of music and arts.

I am feelin’ the movie releases this summer!
Toy Story 4, Spider-Man Far From Home, The Lion King. I love them all for different reasons and the boys and I (even Chef made it to Toy Story and Spider-Man) have been entertained, and if I had to pick a favorite, Spider-Man would win. I have sons and their reactions were on point. And that bad guy twist, what can I say. And Endgame broke my heart, and Spider-Man restored it.

Toy Story 4 has many elements above my kiddos, and probably will until they have kids of their own. I treated The Lion King like I was at a sing-a-long musical and rocked out even though my own family was shushing me. No one composes movie soundtracks like Hans Zimmer and the tech and artistic skill is incomprehensible to me. How the movie came alive blows my mind. These two paragraphs prove I could never be a film critic, and the point is I highly recommend all three. You won’t be disappointed.

I am feelin’ John Mayer. He’s been a favorite of mine for, well, forever. He had some moments in the past, but seriously, he’s grown up, he was such a part of my college years and the guy can play a guitar like no one’s business. There is BB, Eric, Derek and John, what can say? (King, Clapton, Trucks and Mayer)

I am feelin’ Baltimore. Say what you will, it’s got challenges, but it’s an amazing city full of culture. So this week, we hit the Walter’s Art Museum , grabbed lunch at Mount Vernon Marketplace, stopped into The Children’s Bookstore on the recommendation of a friend, and sipped chai and coffee at Zekes. We could go back once a week from now until summer’s end and experience new things. She may be a bit a rough around the edges, but there is no city, like your hometown city, and mine is Baltimore.

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